Opus K is an independent Irish feature film produced by Eamonn Gray and Basil Al-Rawi of Triptych Productions.

Opus K follows a reclusive freelance journalist, John K, who’s hired by a psychiatrist to investigate the death of a patient. What starts out as a profitable distraction takes on a more sinister aspect as the case begins to mirror John’s own life. Is he being set up, groomed to replace the dead man? Or worse: join him?

Reminiscent of the paranoia thrillers of the 70s, Opus K is one man’s struggle against forces as elusive as they are powerful. Be prepared to question everything you know.

Uncover your own truth.

Starring: Steve GunnPatrick O’DonnellJohn O’DonoghueLaura WayJason HealyRebekah WainwrightMaeve LeonardBrian Fortune and Liam Burke

© Triptych Productions 2011